To combat the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, Picnic and SCYTHE have teamed up to provide insights on adversarial emulation for pre- and post-access threats. Protecting organizations necessitates a multifaceted strategy, and this joint approach encompasses everything from high-value human social targets to post-access adversarial detection. Register today!

Virtual Workshop Overview: With the combined expertise of Picnic and SCYTHE, you gain a robust defense strategy that spans the entire kill chain.

Protect Your Assets: Using Picnic's Digital Risk Protection Services to continuously and automatically reduce exposure to social engineering attacks and SCYTHE's platform to emulate post-access adversarial behavior to improve security controls, your organization can better safeguard your most valuable assets.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive: With Picnic and SCYTHE, you stay one step ahead of cyber threats, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing their impact before they harm your organization.

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