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Threat emulation is the art of replicating real-world threats and their various behaviors to test an organization's security posture. It involves creating Intelligence-driven scenarios designed to mimic real-world threats.
By emulating these events, organizations can improve incident response, enhance security measures, and ensure robust, effective controls are in place.
SCYTHE Instructors aka💥"TNT" 
Trey Bilbrey, Lead Adversary Emulation Engineer
Tyler Casey, Detection Engineer     
Target Audience:
Local Tampa practitioners
*An understanding of Threat Emulation (TE) and how it can help
*How to utilize The TE process
*Getting started with free tooling and capabilities
*Tips and tricks to help you be the most effective Threat Emulator possible!
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This workshop will be in-person live at the GuidePoint Office in Tampa, FL.

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